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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What are you...Commando, Thongs, Bikinis or Granny Pants?

I was a granny pant girl until several of my friends convinced me to try thongs and going commando (no undergarment at all). I was 50 years old at the time and I must say, I hesitated to try it. But since my girlfriends were so insistent, I agreed. I quickly learned thongs are not for me. Not my idea of comfortable. But when I tried going commando, I found myself giggling with my hand in front of my mouth like it was my little secret. Fun Fun Fun! And dare I say, it made me feel sexy! More fun! Not having any panty lines was great as well. But that cross seam was not making me happy. That's how the Go Free pants design came to me! So...what are you? Are you a granny pant girl like I used to be? Are you a thong girl? Maybe you prefer bikinis or boy shorts? Do you go commando sometimes or all the time? Let me hear from you! Now that I have Go Free pants, if I can't Go Free, I prefer to go with a skirt! Tina