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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Go Free Pants site - 1 month old today!

The site went live 1 month ago today! It has been a wonderful, exciting month! It takes a village, and among the many people who have played an important part in Go Free Pants, the "elders in my village" are Carol, Bobby and Wick. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! So very lucky that each of you came into my life to guide me on this amazing journey.

A very special thank you to all who are now enjoying the comfort and freedom of Go Free pants! How does it feel to be among the first? Pretty cool, huh? Did you know that two of the first three orders were from men for the ladies in the life? True!

The coming months/years will be very exciting, but nothing quite seems to compare to that scary, exciting, nail-biting experience of the site launch. One month and counting! It's a new day for women's pants! Enjoy! http://www.gofreepants.com/


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