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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

End of Summer Sale! 20% OFF NOW!

Two exciting announcements this month!

First, it's August, and that means summer is almost over. And that means it's time for the End of Summer Sale!!! Go Free Pants are now 20% OFF! Now is the time to buy while the prices are right!

The second announcement is just as great! I was honored that Melva Houston, the internationally known jazz singer, wore Go Free pants at her performance this past Sunday. Melva said, "If you don't have on Go Free Pants, then you don't have on pants!" She wanted one in every color and style! Thank you Melva for being such a wonderful customer! In addition, Go Free Pants bid on and won the auction of a gorgeous painting of Melva performing done by the world class artist, Chip Holton. The money went to Cancer Services, and we are delighted to donate to such a wonderful organization. It was a wonderful event!

Take advantage of the End of Summer Sale and get your Go Free Pants today for 20% OFF! Don't wait! The sale won't last forever. Enjoy! Tina

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