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Saturday, November 20, 2010

What am I thankful for?

This year I launched a new business - my business - always a dream but never dreamed it would become a reality. www.gofreepants.com This year I met many wonderful people who have helped me along the way, two of which are actress Lydia Cornell and jazz singer Melva Houston. Would have never dreamed famous performers would consider me a friend - but it happened. Four short months after Go Free was launched in June 2010, we have been invited to be at the "Red Carpet Ready" Pre-Oscar Week Suite at the Beverly Hilton Feb. 24-26, 2011. Never dreamed that would be possible, but it happened. And then BAM! Just this past Sunday I fainted, fell flat on my face and right this minute have stitches in three areas of my face. Wow - what was that all about? Maybe to remind me that the really important things in life are not owning a business or getting to go to Hollywood and meet famous people. The things in life that really matter are love, kindness, generosity, helping others, being a good listener, and showing everyone respect and compassion. It's those priceless things I'm most thankful for this year, and the wonderful thing is, we can all do those things. Doesn't cost a dime to love, be compassionate and caring to another person. The amazing things that have happened to me and Go Free Pants this year are just that - amazing....but they too are happening for a reason I believe. As many of you know, a portion of the proceeds to Go Free Pants go to support programs like hospice and cancer research. My hope is to establish an endowment for hospice one day to buffer any future cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. That is one of many hopes I have for giving back to the community. I hope you embrace whatever your passion is and find ways to give back to your fellow man and our planet as well. So...dream big, believe in the impossible, and be thankful for the things money can't buy. Happy Thanksgiving! Tina