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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

February was an exciting month with the trip to Beverly Hills for the Pre-Oscar Week Suite. I have pictures posted on Facebook and Twitter, and there is a link in the March Newsletter to the pictures as well.

Being out in the middle of all that glitz and glamour in Beverly Hills made me grateful for the string of events that allowed me to be there, and the times in our lives that offer the chance to "make a memory". One memory I made was seeing Hugh Jackman getting into this limo to go to the Oscars! Oh my - he could not be more handsome!

As my head was spinning in the "Red Carpet Ready" Suite as I talked with celebrities about Go Free pants, my thoughts were also on home, family, friends, and the love and support that was waiting on me when I returned to North Carolina. When you get right down to it, there's really no comparision. But, knowing that, I have to say I was pinching myself and trying to take in every moment as that experience will be a story for the grandkids for sure!

Now that Spring 2011 has officially arrived, I hope you will check out the Elizabeth capri in both tan and grey for your Spring collection. They are perfect for warmer days and could not be more comfortable! Of course the Melanie black capri is an easy choice no matter what the occasion...just like a true girlfriend - always ready and willing to meet your needs!

It's Spring, the flowers are blooming, and the promise of new life is all around. Enjoy! Tina

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